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A Guide To Buying Wood Kitchen Chairs

Posted on September 2,2015

When it comes to purchasing wood furniture, whether it’s wood kitchen chairs or dining room chairs in Toronto, there are considerations more important than just the price. This is the mistake that most homeowners make – choosing furniture based entirely on the price. As a result, some end up with poor quality furniture that wears out in a few years. There are even those whose furniture is poorly bolted! So you can imagine sitting on a chair that’s barely a week old and you end up on the floor because someone didn’t bolt it well. But you don’t have to go through that and the trick is in knowing what to look for when buying wood furniture.

How the chair was constructed

When purchasing new kitchen, it is of vital importance to inspect all the construction details of the chair. Most homeowners don’t realize that a kitchen chair is not just a chair. It’s an asset that will be used on a daily basis. After all, no one can manage to stand in the kitchen every day. It’s the reason chairs age faster than your kitchen table. So you need something that will withstand the daily use for a long time. No matter how great the aesthetics of the chair are, always look at the construction details of the chair to make sure that its quality is top notch.

The origin and species of the wood kitchen chairs


The very first clue that will give you an idea of the quality of any chair is the country of origin of the chair. This is because the country where the chair was made in is very much related to the wood species that the chair is made of. For instance, if the chair was made in China or Malaysia, you can rest assured that the chair was made from a hardwood, probably rubber wood. If it was made in America or West Indies, it was probably made of mahogany. If made in Italy, you can expect that your chairs are made of high quality hardwood that will withstand years of use as they hold well along glue lines, screws, joints and bolts etc.

Construction features of a kitchen chair

Once you have identified the country of origin and wood species of the kitchen chairs, your next step is to inspect joint construction. Usually, standard kitchen chairs are made with a square frame that it’s connected to four legs. The square frame holds the seat. The area where the legs of the chair and the square frame come into contact should have a corner block. Any chair that does not have a corner block is a no no. Chair legs and corner blocks are together by use of threaded bolts, glue or screws. If possible, avoid buying chairs that are anchored with threaded bolts as they loosen after repetitive use.

Chairs anchored with glue are the best as the glue is clamp dried with advanced techniques. If you can kitchen chairs with stretchers between the legs that horizontal to the floor, purchase them. The legs of such chairs are unlikely to give in and while the average buyer may not be able to assemble them, they last for longer is not for a lifetime.

Sit on the chair and just feel it

You are probably thinking “What?!” But the truth is, the only way to know whether or not a chair is comfortable is to sit on it. So don’t shy from doing just that because otherwise, you may find yourself with a chair you detest because it doesn’t meet your comfort needs.

As you may have noticed, buying wood chairs in Toronto is more than just the price. It’s more about the quality, comfort and of course, the aesthetic value. Don’t just go with the information that’s provided on the description tag. Take the above steps to ensure that you get the best product for your money.