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Are Occasional Furniture Essential For My Home?

Posted on July 30,2015

Chairs are essential bits of furniture in each and every house, no matter how big or small the house is. Regardless of how the house is structured, furniture like chairs is a must! There are plenty of types of chairs available in the market today. Some people prefer to have chairs with cushions, some people prefer to have lean and elegant chairs, and others would just like benches and simple chairs to serve the purpose. What type of chair fits in your house depends on your preference and depends on the theme of your house. But one type of chair that fits most occasions and most types of house is called an occasional chair.


What are occasional chairs?

Occasional chairs are chairs that are specified to be used for a particular occasion, just as their name suggests. They are conventional chairs which are made up with a wooden frame without many frills to them. They are simple, traditional yet ever so elegant. Even in their simplicity, they come in various models and designs nowadays.

Occasional chairs are supposed to be accessories to your current furniture set in your house. They are additional support for seating when you have more guests over during special occasions. It is always much nicer to pull these stylish chairs out when you have more people around in your house rather than opening up foldable chairs which may be quite unglamorous.

Occasional chairs don’t come in the exact theme or design that your existing house furniture is in, but they come in simple enough color themes or models which would be easy for you to match to your current furniture set. They don’t come in too complicated designs or too specific prints, like animal prints, for you to find it hard to match them into the current theme of your house. They also take upon more neutral colors for you to fit them in better. However, once in a while, to make an occasional chair the main accent piece in your house, they do take upon bright and striking colors or designs.

Variety of occasional chairs available for your selection

You can get occasional chairs in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are plenty of designs available for you to choose from to suit your specific needs. There are also many colors to choose from! You get to pick which one is pleasing to your eyes and fits seamlessly to your home’s interior. Remember always that more than pleasing your eyes, these chairs have to serve their purpose well too.

Pick a chair that is the sturdiest and at the same time the most comfortable, and try to find an occasional chair which suits most places in your house so that you can move it around easily. A chair that would go well with your living room, kitchen and garden is often a much better pick than a sofa chair which can only be placed in your living area. Two or three in one chairs fit this purpose more as they tend to be able to be modified to different shapes to fit the different areas.

Also, when you are picking the occasional chairs to go into a specific part of your house, make sure you cater to the needs of the particular spot. A living room chair should be comfortable, well-cushioned and supported, while a kitchen stool or chair can be light and simple.

New age occasional chairs

In those days, occasional chairs were supposed to have only four legs. But nowadays it is not necessary that chairs have four legs. This is because, with new methods aided by technology to manufacture furniture, the aforementioned may come in many variations that deviate from the norm! This gives designers far more freedom in the way they structure and plan out their chair models. The best part is that despite how many legs a chair has it is still as comfortable and stable as a four legged chair. This is important to note because simply because a chair is one or two legged, it does not mean that the comfort is compromised.

Occasional chairs nowadays come not only in different designs and colors, but also give you a whole new range of comfort and versatility. This is hard to be found in traditional chairs. Modern occasional chairs are also very portable and can be moved around easily as they are generally much lighter.

If you are looking for occasional chairs in Toronto, or if you are looking for any furnishing support in your house, don’t hesitate to call us at Sita Chairs. We have the latest models and designs you can use when furnishing your house and we can even offer you advice and the latest tips on interior design and how furniture arrangements should come into play in your house.