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Are You Familiar With Vintage Bar Stools? Learn About Them Today!

Posted on November 6,2014

Vintage bar stools are featured in many houses and commercial places like Bars and restaurants because of their sassy and sleek look and appeal. These old fashioned bar stools act up as a realistic and attractive feature of many homes and public places and they add value to how the whole room looks like. These stools can be made to match up the local decoration and theme of the room to go well with it. This way, these bar stools add a touch of old texture and give a subtle change to the current appearance of the room.

Vintage bar stools in the early days

Let’s review some quick history facts about vintage bar stools first. These vintage bar stools in the early days were used more in the public, especially in Britain. These were a norm in the British public houses and claimed their role as such at least for a few hundreds of years. The commercial appearance of vintage bar stools then gained appeal again in the 1950s to 1960s, when cafes and restaurants, especially those adapting the theme of the olden days, started featuring vintage bar stools as part of their local decorations and theme.

What is a vintage bar stool and its relevance today?


A vintage bar stool is surprisingly a very wide term and there are actually many, many types of stools that can fall under this category. It also includes what we call repro or reproduction vintage products. Many dealers who sell vintage bar stools sell bar stools which are made to suit and blend into the different themes of different houses but still try to fit them into the category of repro vintage items.

These bar stools can be made up of mainly wood, but also can be made up of metal or chrome. They can have hard seats or cushioned, padded seats with a back rest or without one. Many bar stools have a foot rest handle at the bottom part of it, and some of the stools are swivel chairs and some are (sadly) not. Note that vintage bar stools are different from counter stools as in that they are rather short compared to counter stools.

Sadly, it is not that easy to find a proper vintage bar stool in a very good condition as like all materials, wood and metal wear and tear too. With age they get worn out, but somehow this adds to the general feel of vintage bar stools. Having them restored however can turn out to be pretty expensive, so make sure you do not settle for a pretty frame which is rusty and needs a lot of work to be done on it later. These kinds of vintage bar stools do not add much worth unless you are looking to keep them for the historical value some may hold. Such retro bar stools which currently may be in a poor condition may have served their lifetime in the bars of the 1950s to 60s and they may be best used now in more of a household setting rather than commercial setting.

Why do people love vintage bar stools?

Having vintage bar stools in your house is something almost nobody can say no to. As mentioned, the touch of classiness it adds to your house and your kitchen is an added value no one can deny! Buying a good vintage bar stool is not a hard task, but it requires some tips to go about doing it right. So read on to know how to land up with an appropriate yet hardy and durable vintage bar stool for your home or business!

Buying a vintage bar stool

Many people who purchase such bar stools do so to use them in their own household setting, but some others may buy it to place them in their shops or bars. Think over what exactly you would need, like if you would need a shorter kind of stool or a taller kind, or one with a back rest and swivel or not, and other specifications like that, before you go for your vintage bar stool shopping.

Placement of your bar stool

If you are planning to place your bar stool in the kitchen, then you should consider the amount of sunlight your bar stool gets each day. Stools which have bright-coloured fabric on their seat cushions are the best resort for areas in your house which does not get good sunlight because of the way these bright-coloured seats are going to light up the room. Keep well lit rooms to have more neutral and silent colors for your vintage bar stools to add a subtle touch and not a huge blow!

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