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Can Contemporary Style Bar Stools Help Improve Your Productivity?

Posted on June 30,2015

Modern style bar stools are the perfect choice for working on high surfaces such as kitchen islands, standing desk, café table, bar or workbench. But one thing you should know is that if yours doesn’t have a strong frame, then you do not have much of a stool. Wobbly barstools with weak frames are not only a safety hazard; they are also quite uncomfortable to sit on.

Barstool types to opt for in Toronto

bar stools

There is a huge variety of barstools in Toronto to opt for and that suit different comfort levels and styles. Consisting of wood, metal, or sometimes even hardened plastic designs, barstools can be obtained in different metals finishes, fabric colors and wood tones. In simple terms, quality barstools are built of strong materials and offer conventional to modern designs that perfectly add a fashion statement to any home’s décor. That said, do you know that you can improve your productivity with a quality barstool? Well, read on to discover how.

Helps you to breathe better

You become more alert when you are seated on a barstool because your good posture encourages opening up of your lungs. How, you might ask. Due to your proper sitting posture, your breathing gets deeper flooding your brain with the much needed oxygen for enhanced productivity.

Helps improve your posture

Quality barstools help get your feet under your body straightening the spine while at it. This give you a healthy and alert posture that makes it easier to focus on your work or what it is you are currently working on.

Stand and stay healthier

Every health related news magazine online or offline has run one article or another about how you should break up bouts of sitting with constant movements and standing routines. It is easy to go from standing to sitting and standing again with a quality barstool. A barstool help you keep working and take a standing break at the same time.

Get inspired by the view

If you have been sitting at a low desk, then it is time you opted for a higher work surface and a barstool. Not only will this give you a whole new viewpoint, you will also get positively inspired and hence producing more.

Help stir up new ideas

Popping to your feet is so easy with a good barstool. And once you are on your feet and walking around the room, new ideas and thoughts get freely flowing, improving your creativity while at it. A barstool can also help you get motivated to take little walks during your standing breaks.

Enjoy the boost of your new location

Most likely, you have been working in your home office for a long time. Break this boring routine by bringing your laptop down to the kitchen island, and grabbing a stool. If you can resist that delicious chocolate ice cream in the fridge, then this new spot might be what you need to boost your productivity.

Swivel and think

If your barstool is the type that comes with a swivel seat, the simple movements of rotating back and forth creates the motion necessary to whip up all sorts of productive insights – and it also counts as an ab workout. These types of seats let you swivel 180-degrees for conversation and automatically swivels back home when you are done.

Feel the high-altitude exhilaration

May you have been at the top of a small mountain and know how alive you felt while up there. Sitting up on a quality barstool can get your blood pumping compared to stooping in a low-to-the-ground chair. This simply means that your muscles and brain are ready to perform, hence improving your productivity.

Have a drink

If all else fails, simply grab a seat at your home bar and pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink. A spin-back seat in this case is best to keep the place neat with an orderly look.

In the design world, there are some pieces of furniture that furnish a home while others simply define it. Quality barstools in this regard are distinct statement pieces that can rework a room or an entire home. Their design gives the home a timeless style like no other piece of furniture can offer. You can easily get well designed barstools in Toronto in any good furniture store. Remember that quality barstools make straightening up much easier and are best for hosting big parties at home or for busy restaurants. These seats are excellent finishing element to your kitchen, kitchen islands, home bar, or even outdoor space.

Not only are they visually appealing, they come at affordable prices in Toronto. And because their colors are often neutral in tone, similar to countertops and cabinets, barstools give the homeowner the chance to enhance his home’s decor easily as they can match the decor theme without much fuss.