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Careful Design Is The Key To Italian Dining Room Chairs!

Posted on January 9,2015

What is it that makes Italian dining room chairs so distinctive and so attractive? Thinking about this question, one of the most important aspects of Italian manufacturing from Ferraris to Armani, Dolce & Gabbana apparel, you will understand that Italian design and manufacturers pay great attention to the smallest detail and the overall aesthetic appearance of the finished products. For Italian manufacturers, you could say that this is in their DNA and producing second rate products just does not feature in their mentality.


How does an Italian dining room chair start life?

As merely pieces of wood obviously, but this is where the skilled wood buyer comes into play. The buyer knows the types of wood that the designer and manufacturing team will need and also the best wood suppliers that they can use to select the right pieces for the finished product. The designer will provide the buyer with a crude design so that they know exactly which pieces of wood; size, weight and wood type are required for the crude design. This is important as the wood will be shaped, cut, polished and tooled to get it into exactly the right condition to make the final production chair. In fact Italian designers will point out that each Italian designer chair is actually unique as well as attention to the smallest details add up to become the features that make them unique.

Raw materials and preparation are the secret ingredients

Italian chair designers take great care to understand where their finished products are to be exported to. This is important as they understand that the climate, humidity, temperature and the risk of attack by vermin could damage their products if not carefully prepared for the intended export market. For this reason any Italian chairs exported to Canada are perfectly prepared to give their buyers many years of satisfactory and comfortable use without the danger of the chairs suffering damage thanks to the Canadian climate.

Harnessing technology and traditional skills are the winning combination

Italian chair manufacturers have skillfully harnessed the use of modern technology and manufacturing machinery together with the artisan skills their best workers have in abundance to produce the most stunning and attractive finished Italian furniture. Machinery is used to work the best wood for chairs that include cherry, walnut, oak, ash and beech. Once the semi-finished chair is ready, it is passed to the expert craftsman to complete the finished product. The end result is that the chairs are produced efficiently and fast enough to deal with even high demand without any compromise to the core quality of the chair when it is ready to be sent to the shops or to the online customer.

Traditional Italian techniques continue to be used

The finishing phase is agreed by experts to be the one in which a finished chair can be either considered average or exceptional. Italian craftsmen have learned the secrets and skills handed from parent to child allow them to make exceptional finished products. Production is not just limited to men as many Italian women are now working as chair construction and design experts and this injection of new skills and a different approach to that practiced by the traditional male production community introduces new view points and refreshing challenges into this already dynamic manufacturing sector.

Regardless of change, all those involved in the production of Italian chairs ensure that there is no compromise. The finishing phase of the models of chairs and armchairs are completed by hand and in conformity with traditional processing techniques in order to enhance the characteristics of the wood and ensure perfect and unique handicrafts make the finished product as close to perfection as is possible.

Getting the dining chairs ready for the market

So far, all the work has been done making the Italian dining chair frame and basic design ready for the many export markets that they may be sent to. But now, the most important final phase which is the preparation of the end product needs to be dealt with. There are many questions, for example what type of weave material and strength of the cushion base is best? What materials should be used for the cushions and what design colours and patterns are preferred? In addition, for the arms and backs of the chairs, would the reseller or their clients prefer a particular design, either simple or more elaborate?

These many questions need to be asked and the answers noted carefully to make sure that the finished product is a true reflection of the design of the Italian dining room chairs that the customer had in mind when they decided to select these important signature products. Italian designers and chair manufacturers know that the strongest message that they can communicate is in their finished product and it can never disappoint. The excellent results that Italian chair manufacturers have in export markets across the world can be explained as they will turn to you and say, “We know exactly what our international customers want.” Based on their success, they are not wrong!