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Cleaning Dining Chairs Is Easy If You Use These 5 Helpful Tips And Tricks!

Posted on March 2,2015

Homeowners who have beautiful and elegant dining chairs might be happy to know that they can prolong the lifespan of their beloved furniture items if they learn how to clean and maintain them properly. Cleaning dining chairs isn’t that complicated or time-consuming and it can help preserve their beauty and majesty, so every dinner will be a special one. If you want to know the basics when it comes to cleaning dining chairs, here are several tips and tricks you need to keep in mind.

Vacuum your dining chairs before anything else

Many homeowners have dining chairs which feature beautiful upholstery. If this upholstery is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can look very bad and completely ruin the interior design of the dining room. Therefore, homeowners should start by vacuuming their upholstered dining chairs first. This process takes a small amount of time and it will ensure the elimination of dust, dirt, bacteria, microbes, allergens and other impurities which can accumulate over time.

Homeowners should use an upholstery attachment for the vacuum cleaner in order to be able to get into all the tight spots, folds and crevices. Similarly, in order to obtain the best results, they might want to buy pet hair removers from the market in order to eliminate all the pet hair from the upholstered dining chairs.


Create a cleaning mixture from 1 part laundry detergent and 4 parts lukewarm water

Homeowners can also create their own cleaning mixtures very easily and in most cases, these home-made cleaning solutions are as efficient as the cleaning products bought from the market. For example, homeowners might want to mix 1 part laundry detergent with 4 parts lukewarm water into a bowl. This cleaning mixture should be first tried on a hidden spot on a dining chair, a spot that is not easily visible. The homeowner should use a sponge in order to rub this cleaning mixture on the upholstery.

Afterwards, he should wipe the spot and let it air dry for a while. If the upholstery is not discolored and it doesn’t appear damaged then it means that the cleaning mixture in question is safe to use. The homeowner should use a sponge to clean all his upholstered dining chairs and dry them with a clean piece of cloth. However, if the cleaning mixture creates damages, it shouldn’t be used.

Make sure that you understand upholstery cleaning codes

Every upholstered dining chair has a tag on which the homeowner can find certain codes. These codes offer instructions on how the upholstered furniture pieces in question should be cleaned. For example, the letter “W” means that it is safe to clean the upholstery item with a water based cleaning product. The letter “S” on the tag means that the upholstery item should be cleaned with a water-free cleaning product such as a dry cleaning solvent. If both the letters “W” and “S” appear on the tag then the homeowner can use both types of cleaning products.

However, if the letter “X” appears on the tag of the upholstery item then the homeowner should let his furniture items be cleaned by a professional. Cleaning these upholstered dining chairs with regular cleaning products is risky as they can get damaged and discolored.

Blot any fresh spills on your upholstered dining chairs in order to save them

It is essential to react as quickly as possible if certain types of liquids have been spilled on upholstered items. For example, if someone from the family spilled juice or coffee on upholstered dining chairs then the homeowner must take action quickly and blot the stain immediately. He is not allowed to rub or scrub the stain because this will only make it bigger. Using paper towels or clean pieces of cloth is the best thing to do in order to absorb the liquids spilled.

Baking soda with cold water can also remove a plethora of stains

There are many home-made cleaning mixtures which can work wonders when it comes to cleaning upholstered dining chairs. For example, baking soda mixed with cold water can remove almost all types of stains, especially if they are relatively new. Similarly, homeowners might want to use salt when it comes to eliminating red wine stains. If blood stained upholstered dining chairs then homeowner should use only cold water (hot water will make the stain worse) and dab the stains until the blood is absorbed completely. Lastly, white vinegar is perfect for eliminating stains from white upholstered dining chairs.

These are only a few good ways you can maintain your upholstered dining chairs as clean and beautiful as possible. However, if you think that it is time for brand new dining chairs then make sure that you explore our website and choose your favorite products. Our elegant dining chairs come at affordable prices and they will look fabulous in your dining room.