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Do You Know How To Furnish Your Home?

Posted on July 24,2015

Summer may be one of seasons when many people consider moving into their new houses and start their furnishing works when the weather is still warm and the harsher months of the year have not arrived yet. Are you one of them who would be moving into your own little nest soon? Moving into your new house and handling all the furnishing issues could be difficult, but it is indeed a great experience that you would always remember and enjoy recalling.

If this is your first house, you would most likely be handpicking each and every piece of furniture for your house yourself. The thought of deciding on so many pieces of furniture for your home might be overwhelming. In addition to that, it might also turn out to be a really busy period of time for you if you are going to balance all these work along with your occupation. This article aims to quickly help you out with these tasks by supplying you with some of the latest tips on how you can go about furnishing your new house for the best results.


Money matters

The most important thing you need to remember throughout the process is to plan your finances out properly. Spending too much money on a particular set of items is a common pitfall happening among many people, especially among those who are moving into a new house for the first time. It is true that you would have your dreams and aspirations of how you would like your house to look like, but not all of that is going to come true without an unlimited budget. You first need to accept that reality. If you go overboard with your expenditure, you are only going to end up with loans which would not be able to give you a peace of mind at the end of the day.

Make sure that you set a particular budget and work with it. There are different items you would need to get as part of the furnishing but each item would have its own variety of choices in the market. Once you have planned out how much money you are able to set aside for the entire furnishings, think about how much money each segment of the furnishing would take up.

For example, if you want to furnish up the seating of your house, you have a range of choices from hand carved chairs till normal dining chairs. Consider all your options wisely and have your pick on which items you are willing to spend a tad more as a choice of luxury, and which items you can afford to save on. If you are looking to get wooden kitchen and dining chairs in Toronto, you can check out our collections at Sita Chairs to get a wide variety of furniture at affordable rates.

Additionally, keep a nice and neat spreadsheet to record your possible options and your expenditure to help you work within your budget.

Think of a theme

The furnishing of your house has to follow a theme for all the items to tie in nicely to give it a uniform look. After setting your budget, thinking of the theme would be the next most important thing to do. If picking a theme is too specific for you to do, at least settle with a particular style that you are comfortable with. You can choose either a simple style like the minimalist style, or something more tropical and exotic to furnish your house with.

What this basically does is to give you a guide and a working plan to choose your furniture. Choosing the theme or the style then gives you a guide on what colors to pick as well. You don’t have to be too specific with the colors, for instance, you don’t need to go with a single color or just two or three colors. But you can choose a color theme to fall back on – like autumn colors or cool colors.

There are far too many interior designing magazines nowadays and the photos in those magazines can help you get a very clear idea of what you would like to see in your house. Browse through these magazines, research online and gather photos to create your own mini portfolio of what you want your house to look like.

Getting into renovation works

This is the main part of the furnishing process – the renovation works. Again, you need to do enough research to know what you want your home’s interior to look like. Try attending interior designing fairs and learn more about the possibilities of renovating a home. It is important to plan this process out well, because once the renovation works are done, the basic layout of your house is set and it is not very easy to revert this. Especially if your house is compact or if it has restrictions from the landlord with what can be done and what cannot be done, it is best to plan things out very clearly with your interior designer and your landlord before you carry out any works. Also, make sure that whatever plans you make falls under your budget as well!