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Fabrics You Can Use For Reupholstering Dining Chairs

Posted on April 30,2015

You have purchased your upholstered dining room chairs in the past. Those dining chairs of yours come with cushiony and comfy upholstery like you have always wanted. Through time, however, you have noticed the cushions seem to sag. It is because of the many years of usage. You want to dump those old dining chairs and purchase a new one. But wait. Before you ever do that, don’t you think your old dining chairs simply need some reupholstering?

Reupholstering allows you to create a chair that is old and make it look good. If your old dining chairs are showing signs that they need reupholstering then better choose to do that. In the world of reupholstering, however, you have to remember that there are several choices you should make – from who will do the job to the materials you will need. In this regard, fabrics are included in your list. Learn more about the fabrics you can make use of when reupholstering dining chairs.

A host of natural fabrics


Your fabric choices for reupholstering dining chairs include those natural materials from cotton to leather to cotton blend and linen. The cotton fabric is popular for its durability and likewise its resistance to fading, pilling and wearing. You can have formal or casual cotton used for reupholstering. Take note that this fabric is not so resistant to wrinkling and dirt.

Another natural fabric you can use for reupholstering is leather. This one, like cotton, is considered durable. Add to that, it is also functional. What makes leather a good fabric to work on is the fact that it wears well and it always gets better as it becomes older. Then there is the cotton blend, a version that is highly recommended for its durability (it is more durable than cotton). Thanks to the additional fibers incorporated in the blend just to come up with a perfect reupholstering material.

Do not forget that there is also the linen fabric, a material that is favored for its resistance to fading and pilling and of course for giving your furniture a casual yet crisp appearance. Silk and wool are also popular choices. Silk remains to be that elegant fabric tasked to add sophistication to every piece of furniture. Wool, on the other hand, is usually blended with synthetic fiber thus making it easier to maintain.

The synthetic fabrics

If there are natural fabrics to choose from when it comes to reupholstering, there are also those synthetic versions to include on your list of options. A popular synthetic fabric for reupholstering is acetate, an imitation of silk. This one offers the same characteristics as that of silk but is not totally good for everyday use because of its susceptibility to wearing, wrinkling and fading.

Wool also has its imitation in the synthetic fabric known as acrylic. Acrylic is a softer version of natural wool. This fabric is good enough if you want to make sure your reupholstered dining chair will be resistant from factors like fading, dirt, wrinkling and wear. Take note that this material is prone to pilling especially if it is not made up of high quality materials.

Another type to consider is the microfiber. Microfiber, a fabric that is similar to suede, is one of the easiest to maintain among these host of fabrics for reupholstering purposes. It is not just durable but is also affordable. Then you can also include nylon in your list. This fabric is made durable when it is blended with other fibers and when this is the case, you should expect the output to be wrinkle-free.

Polyester, rayon and vinyl are the last three types to choose from for your reupholstering job. Polyester, like other synthetic fabrics, will only be resistant to fading and wrinkling once it is combined with other types of fibers. In the case of the rayon, which is prone to wrinkling, you can be sure you are getting a durable and affordable option. If you want to include vinyl in your choices, then you can consider it too. After all, it is a version that is more affordable than leather.

As you can see, there are different fabrics for reupholstering your dining chairs. You can choose from those made out of natural problems because they are commonly durable and can last for a longer time. But of course, you can always choose to use synthetic materials for reupholstering purposes. They may not be as good as their natural counterparts but they remain popular because of the fact that they come with variations that make them durable and extremely likeable.

Remember though that when you are choosing for the perfect fabric, it is your obligation to make sure you are picking one that not just meets your budget but will also offer benefits that you want. You have the responsibility of making sure that any of these fabrics will work for your cause.