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Factors To Consider In Designing A Dining Room With Italian Dining Room Chairs

Posted on June 2,2015

The dining room area is one of the most significant areas in a home because it is here that everyone comes for meals, spending time and even having drinks. When people share a meal, they are able to connect better. The realization of this requires real comfort without which no one will want to spend much time in the dining room.

Comfort is best achieved when the right furniture is fitted. Dining room chairs are the key part of furniture that can complement other furniture items for maximum comfort. Among many types of furniture, Italian dining room chairs stand out because they are part of the highly esteemed Italian furniture style. After settling for this, there are factors to consider in ensuring the dining room is well designed.

italian chairs

Dining room size versus chair sizes

When contemplating on buying Italian dining room chairs, it is vital that the best chair sizes that match with the size of the dining room are chosen. You need to also consider the dining room table’s size. This implies that before settling for the chairs, the dimensions of the dining table in relation to the room size ought to be considered. Wrong dining room chair sizes will require changes in the whole set which is not necessary.

Lighting and color

When thinking of the dining room lighting, many factors come to mind, key among them being the painting of the dining room including the walls, floor and ceiling colors. Depending on the type of lighting such as bright chandeliers, the colors within can create an ambiance of peace and comfort or total conflict with the furniture. Therefore, it is important that the dining chairs complement and not necessarily match with the other furniture or dining room colors. Consequently, personal choice of colors is important because it is the buyer who understands the desired effect of the dining room chairs.


The design of dining room chairs highly depends on personal influences. You have the choice of classical Italian furniture which features the unique traditional style and the contemporary Italian furniture which is more modern in design. However, it is important to find a balance and consider the design of the main part of furniture which is the dining table. Though Italian dining room chairs, sound traditional, very modern designs are available in the market. The dining room chair should also not deviate too much in terms of style from other furniture in the dining room. If the dining table is round, it is advisable to take chairs which have a round seat.


Dining room chair measurements in height and length are important in relation to the height of the users and the dining table size. A standard dining room chair is twenty-two inches in width while the standard height is eighteen inches high. Seats that are slender than seventeen inches will be uncomfortable and do not offer enough support. On the other hand, seats which are too high or too low will conflict with the dining table. Italian dining room chairs come in standard sizes, though custom-made may differ in specifications.


Apart from the wall painting, upholstery plays a major role in enhancing the design of a seat. It is the upholstery that also determines the comfort level offered by such chairs. Where a set of seats is for a young family, it is common to have spilled substances on the chairs. Therefore, it is wise to choose Italian dining room chairs with upholstery that is easy to clean such as leather which demands little care. The durability of a chair in terms of its longevity is also determined by the upholstery because light material such as ordinary cotton will wear out quicker as compared to leather.


Moving furniture is inevitable because when performing normal chores such as cleaning, furniture must be moved. Classical Italian dining room chairs are made of thick teak wood Italian dining room chairs while contemporary ones are made of light material. Many modern dining room chairs are light in order to facilitate easy movement for quick lifestyles. With the increase in completion, there are affordable chairs which are light, designed for the middle class.


After considering all the factors above, the choice of the Italian dining room chairs can be determined by the cost. The more antique a piece of furniture is, the more expensive it is. However, it is not advisable to compromise on the major factors such as comfort in order to get a dining room chair just for its brand. It is important to understand all the financial aspects involved, such as delivery in case of breakage during transportation or non matching pieces for the self assembled chairs. Depending on the finances available, there is surely a piece of Italian dining room chairs for everyone.