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Get Acquainted With These 9 Types Of Bar Stool Designs!

Posted on May 4,2015

Bar stools became a staple for every home ever since the concept of putting liquor bars right inside the abode had been introduced. Since then, it has continued to grow in the market for furniture providing you with options that go way beyond the bar. You can now use these stools anytime, anywhere, whenever needed.

Due to the many good things said about bar stools and the continuing versatility it brings to every home, many of you would surely love to own one. Well, you can always own a bar stool but before you even purchase one, you need to have an idea of different design choices that you have for these furniture pieces. Here is a list to help you with.

Traditional bar stools

Traditional bar stools come with designs that combine wood and blackened steel. These ones are perfect for your kitchen and provide just the right look you want to bring out either from a traditionally built kitchen or a contemporary version at that. Often, traditional bar stools come with typical brown seats that blend with your kitchen cabinets thus giving these pieces a rustic look that is highly appreciated by all.

Smart and sleek bar stools

If you are looking for a bar stool that has the most universal and versatile design then the smart and sleek bar stool is a good choice. Versatile as it is, expect this bar stool to give you a seat whenever you need one. It is characterized to be soft because of its wooden seat. Likewise, its popularity continues to grow simply because it combines eloquent style with an affordable price.

Form bar stools

Form bar stools are those stools that come with a back rest and are commonly priced at an amount higher than the previously mentioned types. These ones are perfect complements to a modern home and you can choose from both a full or low back version. Choose to use it as you have a quick snack in your kitchen counter or while you are chatting with another person as you do your kitchen chores.

Acrylic bar stools


Obviously, this bar stool is made up of the acrylic material precisely why it is named as such. This one is well-loved by those loving to share conversations with other people. Start a conversation with this bar stool and for sure you will make the most out of it. What makes this a truly remarkable piece is the fact that it is gifted with a transparent, look that seems to be unnoticed at a far distance.

Simple bar stools

Simple bar stools remain to be so popular to many homeowners. This is because of the simplicity of the stool and of course due to the fact that they do not take up much space. They are free from embellishments thus giving your space a non-cluttered look. Simply stow it under the bar top and pull it whenever you need to use it.

Metal bar stools

Metal bar stools have also started to gain cognizance in the market for bar stools. These bar stools are often sold in its natural, metal look without any color on it but of course you can also see versions that have been painted with a color hue matching your kitchen. You can use these stools if you want to bring out a fresher look to your space as you also allow contrast of texture in material.

Industrial bar stools

Bar stools following the industrial style have a similar material as those of metal bar stools. This type comes in different design varieties that will suit your needs. You can go for French-inspired industrial bar stools or choose one that is gifted with high-polish tradition. Purchase one and you can create that typical look in your space.

Back-less bar stools

While most of the bar stools you opt to purchase are those that come with back rests, it is surprising to know that back-less versions do exist too. This offers a more contemporary look that adds to the beauty of a modern home. You can choose to order this stool in different styles depending on how back-less you want the back-less bar stool should be.

Upholstered bar stools

You also have a choice in upholstered bar stools. These ones come in different upholstered looks with a variety of colors to choose from. What makes this type of bar stool so good is the fact that its different colors or designs will actually spark a conversation.

These are but some few of the bar stool designs available in the market today. As you may have noticed, they have different forms that make one distinct from that of the other. If choosing one according to the design becomes a concern then why not have a visual look of what is available for purchase. From there, you can finally decide on the bar stool to take home with you.