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Getting Wooden Kitchen Chairs For Your Kitchen

Posted on January 9,2015

Some people may think that choosing your kitchen chairs is about the last thing you should be thinking about as you complete the purchases of the furniture for your new home or even your refitted new kitchen. This is a big mistake as the kitchen in many homes could be considered as important as the bridge of a ship, or the control tower in a busy airport. Having comfortable wooden kitchen chairs are essential to make sure all of your family or visitors feel as comfortable as possible when they come into the kitchen to enjoy a hearty breakfast or sit down to chat over the day’s events and local gossip.


Why are wooden chairs the best choice for your kitchen?

Take a moment to think about this, since ancient times, furniture builders have preferred to use wood as their choice material for household furniture from beds to wardrobes and from tables to chairs, there has to be a good reason for this. For sure some designers in ancient times have offered furniture in stone and more recently in plastic and metal furniture has made its appearance but time and again people have decided to turn back to wood thanks to its strength ability to be fashioned into exactly the type of furniture that they want, painted, varnished or upholstered, in all ways finished and comfortable in exactly the way that you want it.

What sort of wooden chairs will work best in your kitchen?

This is a good question that you should take some time to think over. First of all how much space do you have in your kitchen to place a kitchen table and the number of chairs that you will need? Next you should consider how many people would you want to have space to seat comfortably at your kitchen table, do you have a dining room in your home and when are you going to decide to use it instead of the kitchen?

If you consider your kitchen to be the meeting point in the house where people gather, your family or friends you need to make sure you have sufficient space to comfortably accommodate them, while at the same time you need to make sure that you have space to get to your cooker, oven, fridge or cupboards without having to climb over people seated in your kitchen chairs.

Cultural kitchen chairs matter

While this may seem a strange statement, think about this. Is your kitchen intended to be fast and functional where people come to grab a quick cup of coffee, snatch a glance at the newspaper and a quick snack from the fridge? Or is your kitchen a meeting place where friends and family like to sit for longer times to chat, eat longer meals or study when the kitchen is quiet and empty.

Your answers to these questions will give you the information about what type kitchen chairs you should decide on. If your kitchen resembles a taxi driver’s waiting room simple functional light weight kitchen chairs would be a good choice, they occupy the minimum amount of space and are lightweight and easy to move.

If on the other hand, your kitchen is the meeting point in your home where people come to spend plenty of time, kick back relax and enjoy a good discussion or spend time studying or working, comfort should be your key target for your kitchen chairs, even if they take up more space, their comfort will make up for this.

Blending in with your kitchen furniture

Make sure your kitchen chairs blend in with your overall kitchen design. This smart blending in is more than just matching your walnut chairs with your walnut cupboard or fridge and freezer veneers, the design and finishing of the chairs needs to be consistent with the finishing of your other kitchen furniture. Make sure that your kitchen chairs designs do not clash with your other kitchen furniture.

There is nothing worse than buying kitchen chairs that clearly have no design similarity or even the same color or wood as your kitchen table. This does not mean that you should only buy your kitchen chairs at the same time or from the same supplier as your kitchen table, but if you decide to buy them separately make really sure that their designs look well and blend together.

Upholstering your kitchen chairs

Kitchen chairs with comfortable cushions make them attractive for both your family and friends who come to sit in your kitchen. However unlike dining room chairs or your living room furniture the kitchen chairs’ upholstery will be subject to the greater risk of stain and dirt damage. Make sure you choose the kitchen chair cover carefully, ensure that they are stain resistant and easily washable and do not lose their color after frequent washing.

An additional smart piece of advice is to buy some extra chair cushion covers, should your original chair cushion covers be damaged and need to be replaced, it is important to have the same material and patterns with you to make the replacement.