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How Many Different Types Of Occasional Chairs Do You Know?

Posted on May 6,2015

Have you ever heard about occasional chairs in Toronto? These chairs are actually named as such simply because they are often used during certain occasions. They are often portable and most of the time, they are used for the purpose of giving a person some extra seating in a room where the usual chairs seem to be not enough. They come in different types that you must also be familiar with. These are but among the many choices you have.

Transparent chairs

This type of occasional chair is one that is barely there. It lives up to the definition of the word transparent where you are allowed to see right through the material. You can actually order this occasional chair in different variations like those that include an arm chair then use it as a dining chair, a desk chair or a dressing table chair. Of course, you can always choose to use them in your living room. What makes this chair an outstanding option is the fact that it takes a little amount of space visually and physically.


Far eastern chic chairs

Another type of occasional chair that you can choose is the one that is referred to as the far eastern chic. This one chic chair comes with ornate carvings and is that piece of furniture you can move right inside your room to provide more seats for your guests. A common characteristic of this occasional chair is the use of dark wood to complement well with the textural palette.

French flea market style chairs

Have you seen chairs that are so portable you can simply pick them up when you need them to give extra seating for your guests? Well, these ones are called French flea market style occasional chairs. Basically, this one may look like your average side chair but the truth is it is more substantial than those standard chairs.

Mascheroni construction chairs

This portable occasional chair is well noted for its cane-backed style. It is made out of light materials that make it lighter both physically and visually speaking. Many times, because of its elegance, this type of occasional chair is regarded as a good chair that a party’s host or hostess can make use of inside the dining room whenever the situation calls for it.

Starchitectural chairs

Notice that the name of this occasional chair is an actual combination of the words ‘star’ and ‘architectural. Living up to that combination, expect that a piece of occasional chair in this type will actually steal a show because of its architectural appeal. This piece is actually inspired by Gehry, the same person behind the name Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Patterned occasional chairs

Many times, you will not love the idea of spending some cash on occasional chairs. After all, you use them infrequently and will often be pulled out whenever the need arises. In some instances though, you can choose to use these chairs in any occasion especially the patterned version that can sit perfectly inside your rooms. Choose from a wide array of patterns that can act both as an extra living room chair and as a dining room chair. You can also perfectly use this seat to compliment your desk or dressing table.

Curvaceous occasional chair

You can also see occasional chairs following a curvaceous pattern like that of the Panton S Chair. Despite its height, you will be surprised that the curvaceous chair is gifted with a lightweight attribute. It is a versatile option that can be used either for your dining room or for your home office. While this one comes in different colors, you can choose to purchase them in a neutral color hue that will suit any room.

The indoor/outdoor combination

If you are looking for that perfect piece of occasional chair to use both for indoor settings and outdoor gatherings, you can always consider no less than the indoor/outdoor occasional chair. This one lives up to the usual attributes of an occasional chair, that being portable and light. What makes it kind of unique though is the fact that this has inflatable versions thus making them easier to keep for storage and re-inflate for future use.

What you have to think about when buying occasional chairs

With the many different types of occasional chairs in Toronto, you will always want to be guided when it comes to making your purchase. The rule of thumb is to make sure that there is some spot in your home where you can keep it. Add to this, you should consider how a piece of chair will complement all other things that you see in your dining room, bedroom or home office. To top all considerations, you must always remember this. It is best to find a versatile occasional chair that will not take up much on space. It will be good to invest in a chair that is well worth every penny you spend. When you have done this, you can simply sit back and relax then enjoy what these portable chairs can offer for any occasion.