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How To Choose Wooden Kitchen Chairs

Posted on June 6,2015

A house or home without a kitchen cannot function properly because it centers on food which is a way to a man’s heart. Consequently, an excellent kitchen is every home owner’s pride and sometimes tasteless food cooked in a ‘tasty’ kitchen will be appetizing. The notion that a kitchen is the reserve of the mother is not necessarily true because it is common for the whole family to have breakfast in the kitchen. This amplifies the need for comfortable kitchen chairs. Without kitchen chairs, a kitchen cannot be termed excellent.

It is imperative that kitchen chairs are consistent with the kitchen design and serve the intended purpose. Consequently, it is important to invest in durable kitchen chairs which can go a long way in ensuring comfort and contribute to preparation of healthy and satisfying meals. Though kitchen chairs are made from different materials, they should meet the desired specifications and serve the right purpose. However, wooden kitchen chairs are much better than plastic or metallic chairs in many respects. The following are factors to consider in acquiring the best kitchen chairs:

wooden chair

The type of wood used

The type of wood used in making furniture is important in determining durability and comfort with diverse tastes influenced by lifestyles. With the difference in monetary capability, the choice of wood used in making a kitchen chair will vary in cost. Ordinary wood may not bring out the desired finish and the sophistication that an individual might desire.


Considering that kitchen tables are many times permanently fixed from the floor, it is important to have the right kitchen chair that will be comfortable enough. Some kitchen tables are also measured to work while standing. This means that the desired kitchen chair will be high and with the height in mind, it should have a step to facilitate proper sitting position.

Dimensions in a wooden kitchen chair will also look at the width in relation to the kitchen size. While chair comfort is paramount in any kitchen, it is the kitchen space that will determine its size or reduce the number of chairs that can fit.


Like in the type of wood used in making a chair, the choice between a classical or contemporary chair designs is a matter of lifestyle and financial muscle. Many contemporary designs have evolved in shape, color and materials. In many contemporary chairs, a little borrowing from other designs is common in order to bring out various effects.

Chair arms

The way every individual takes a meal should be as comfortable as possible. Chair arms are an important addition that enhances comfort. This is more realistic when the kitchen is a place for a bit of chatting with the family before or after meals. The need for arms also arises when the kitchen is used as a working place and a gadget such as a laptop is used. In this case, the arms facilitate a comfortable working position.

Cushions or upholstery

Though many classical chairs will be all wooden, modern chairs have upholstery or are cushioned to increase their comfort levels. The type of cushion or upholstery is important in a kitchen environment because it is normal to have water, soup or beverages spill on seats. A cushion or upholstery that is leather will be more manageable in such cases. The need for removable cushions is heightened if the cushion material or upholstery used is delicate.


Chair comfort is determined by many factors and spindles to some people are one of them. Spindles are also used to enhance the beauty of a wooden chair. Though they do not serve any other purpose, they may make a difference in purchasing decisions.


A kitchen like any other room will have flooring made of ceramic tiles or any other type of flooring. It is normal to have liquids on kitchen floors and unstable chairs will be a hazard because they can facilitate falls. Chair stability will be determined by the type of wood used and if it wears quickly, it is not suitable for use in a kitchen. In order to make sure the legs are stable, they should have metallic or rubber ends to make sure they do not slip.


The finishing is an important aspect in any chair. This consists of the color finishing and the texture among other things. Texture is very important I ensuring that fabrics do not get hooked in loose nails, wood ends or corners.

Different manufacturers will have a wide range of kitchen chairs and in a bid to keep up with competition, different finishes are employed. Contemporary kitchen chairs will in many cases have other material such as chrome incorporated into the finish. While the core aspect is wood, chrome will also enhance the beauty and durability of the chair.