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How To Score A Mix And Match Dining Set Effect

Posted on November 6,2014

Mix and match dining sets make up the newer and trendier design look that many people are trying to attain in their own dining rooms. This look is something that is much explored by people, and it does take quite some planning and organization to get it done well and properly. The mix and match dining set effect is something that is seen over a few interior designing styles which include Scandinavian and Bohemian styles of home design.

Despite the amount of effort involved, the price to get your own mix and match dining set is actually much cheaper than other options, and you also end up with a more customized, personalized and handpicked selection that you otherwise would not have found easily in the market. Here are some tips for you to be better able to have your own mix and match dining set!

Get a consistent theme

You don’t have to play by the rules so much that you are looking into mixing and matching everything in your dining set to acquire an effect. The effect can still be acquired subtly! Try getting the same chair in different colors for a start. This is an easy way to acquire a sophisticated effect! Keeping your consistency with shapes and other areas like materials and structures, you can really go all out on playing around with the colors involved!

Keeping the color constant

You can also do things the other way round by buying multiple chairs or other dining furniture of different shapes and sizes of your choice and keep the color the constant. After buying, you can paint all of these chairs and furniture either black or white or any constant color of your choice to keep that as the constant, and allow the shapes and structures to then be changed and played around.


Add a pop to the uniformity

Another way to make things interesting is to interrupt the uniformity of your theme sometimes. With your entire theme being under the same color scheme or being under the same pattern of shapes or structures, you can throw in a last piece of furniture which does not fall into place, to just create a pop in the scene. A bright yellow chair in the middle of a vintage, reddish brown look would make things exciting for a change! This is also your chance to have a reason to buy that last odd piece of furniture off the store that is on sale, although you feel it wouldn’t fit into your theme but you like it anyway!

Less vibrant and less interested?

If you are a person of simplicity and would like to have the least work involved as possible, then you can work with simpler and less colors and materials. Maybe sticking with neutral colors like whites, blacks and nudes can help you sort things out quick and easy. If you are keen on this path, then stick to materials of wood and metal only to save you the trouble of matching items later.

A way to cut on the bucks

If you are looking to save the extra cash that would be spent on the furniture, then you can consider this option. Buy all the cheap but durable and attractive structures of chairs and other furniture, and then invest a little bit more time and money on getting yourself a good paint of colors of the same theme, and then paint all the furniture up so that they fall under the same color theme. This would give you some form of uniformity to your collection.

Adding more pop to your collection

Another way to make your mix and match dining set to pop is to give it a different touch. If your dining set is predominantly made up of modern furniture, then give it a slight twist by adding in a traditional piece as your finishing touch. Do the same reversed, if most of your furniture are traditional pieces.

If you don’t like uniformity at all…

Then you can just mix and match your dining set furniture as you please! Buy any random piece of chair or furniture that you like, and then just put them all together and do not worry about whether they fall under the same theme or not! Your favourite pieces probably belong together such that they are all following your taste, so do not fear about being by the books on the theme!

Comfort is always number one

The comfort that each chair provide is very important to keep your guests comfy while they wait to be served and chatting up with others. If you notice they are engrossed in their conversations, you will know that the chairs are correctly chosen!

All in all, make sure your chairs offer the same degree of comfort to your family and guest members. Otherwise, you are always going to have a game of musical chairs at your gatherings as people have to race to get the cushy, comfortable chairs. Need help in choosing the right chair? Contact us at Sita Chairs for the assistance you need!