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Ideas On Table And Chair Combinations To Achieve An Authentic Italian Look

Posted on September 7,2015

When it comes to designing an interior space, the choices involved can be very confusing. This is even more so if you are trying to create an authentic Italian look in your dining room and the range of tables and chairs to choose from is so big. If you are shopping for the furniture at a local shop, it might not be so hard because the chairs and tables are arranged to make the decision easier for you. If you are shopping online, there’s a whole lot of confusion to deal with. I mean, how are you supposed to know how a classic table will go with that leather chair? Here are a few table and chair combination ideas that will help you create an authentic Italian look.

Break round table with a twist chair

The great thing about a break round table is that it can be used anywhere; at home, in a restaurant or even the office break room. Combine that with a twist and voila! The effect is everything you’d want. The legs for both table and chair may have the same style, but the contrast between the fluted edge of the table and the cutout of the chair are very unique. This will give your space an authentic and unique style to your space.

Fusion table with cover leather chair, passpartu chair or liu chair


Fusion tables feature simple design elements, including a glass top, simple lines and a metal structure. It’s the kind of table that would look great with chairs that have chrome and slim legs. A cover leather chair is padded with leather and features intricate stitch details that run horizontally. Perfect for adding a modern touch! Passpartu chair is not only common in homes, but can also be seen in restaurants. The reason for its popularity? It’s hard to resist the comfortable curves. The liu chair is made of quality material meant to last for long. Design-wise, it comes in various colors and has a unique design as well as subtle curves.

Italo table with red Italia desk chair or red vera chair

The Italo table will work great both in an office and dining space. It’s also versatile in that it can be used to achieve contemporary or modern Italian designs. If you plan to use in an office, pair it with a red Italia desk chair. Pair it with the red vera chair if you are using it in a dining space. Both chairs have an emphasis on comfort and add a classy Italian twist to the design of the room.

Travo table with twist chair, lucrenzia chair or Camilla chair

Talk of combining nature and modern style and nothing delivers on that better than the Travo table. The twist chair, lucrenzia chair and the Camilla chair accentuate the style of the Travo table very well. The cut of the twist chair gives this table a more open feel while the Camilla chair works well with the country style of the travo table.

Tokyo extension table with soffio chair or flona top-grain leather chair

The Tokyo extension table is a great option if you live in a small room, but still want to be able to entertain as many as 12 guests during the weekend. The contrast of the dark glass top and wooden legs couldn’t be any better. And did I mention how easy it is to open it? Pair it with a soffio chair or flona top-grain leather chair for the ultimate Italian look.

Creating an Italian design inspired space is not so hard if you know the kind of furniture pieces to look for. If you need advice on Italy-made tables or luxury Italian chairs in Toronto, do talk to us today.