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Repurposing Your Old Wooden Kitchen Chairs To Make A Bench Out Of Them

Posted on April 27,2015

What is it that comes to mind when you notice that you already have old wooden kitchen chairs? Will you rather bring it to your stock room or storage area or will you choose to make something out of it? We will say the second one simply because it is the most practical thing to do unless of course you are eyeing to donate these old pieces for a good cause. Assuming you will rather want your old wooden kitchen chairs to be put into good use then repurposing them is a good choice. An option is to make a bench out of these several pieces and here is how you can do that.

Create something special out of an old piece

If you have been recycling almost every old thing that others will rather place in the dump then you will appreciate the purpose behind repurposing those old wooden kitchen chairs. When you do so then you can create something out from the several components of a single chair. It is not just a simple creation. It can be something that you have always wanted. You will be surprised to find out you have created something new and special from an old piece of scrap ready for sending to charity.

Pay particular attention to each component in these old chairs

If your old wooden kitchen chairs come with cushions and armrests then you can pay attention to those parts and see the best thing you can make out of them. Most of the times, there are certain parts that need to be removed but do not worry about having to remove them since you can use them for other purposes or projects later on.

Know how you can start repurposing them


When you are creating a bench out of those individual wooden chairs that were once sitting in your kitchen, you can begin by removing the chair cushions. From there, you can start putting three or more chairs side-by-side (that will now depend on how long you want your bench to be). You can always save those chairs that are still in tip-top shape and give up whatever is no longer salvageable. Remove arm rests from all chairs except for those that are placed on the opposite ends of the soon-to-be bench. In this case, you should remove only one armrest.

Add a touch of creativeness to the piece

Now that you have assembled the bench, at least temporarily, you can proceed to adding some touch of creativeness to the piece. You may opt to add some curve on the bench rest or put a dash of color to it. You can also opt to change the shape of the legs that will hold the chairs together and make them look like the bench you have always wanted to own. Just let your creative mind work and everything will fall into place.

Make sure the bench will be sturdy enough

Since you are repurposing old wooden kitchen chairs, it is but imperative to check whether these chairs are still sturdy enough to create the bench you have always wanted. Each part must be carefully assessed from the back rest, to the seat up to the legs that will then bind several pieces together. When you think there is something wrong with the old furniture legs then you can specifically seek for replacement. If the legs of your old wooden chairs are still in tip top shape, the secret is to attach the bench’s front legs using C-Clamps and wood glue. You can also sink some deck screws to provide those legs some added support.

When using C-Clamps, you have to make sure that they are tight enough to hold those legs together. Understand, however, that these clamps can cause some indentations on the wood. Well of course you will not want seeing these indentations here and there. It will be best to get some scrap wood in between the C-Clamps in order to get rid of scratches on that wooden furniture.

Add color to your bench

Choosing a paint color that will go well with your bench will now depend on how that color choice will complement with that of your home’s furnishing. You should also consider the spot with which that bench will remain seated most of the time. You can use spray paint or any painting method you are most comfortable with once you have decided on the color you should make use of.

The rest is up to you

Repurposing your old wooden kitchen chairs whether as a bench or for another reason will require careful thinking and hard work. At the end of the day, what you make out of it will totally depend upon you. Remember too that what you will add to that bench project of yours will now depend on how you want the end product to look like without sacrificing your kitchen design. Sometimes, a repurposed bench does not fit into your kitchen decor theme and in such cases, you are better off throwing the old chairs away and get new wooden kitchen chairs in Toronto that can fit into the kitchen design.