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Should You Get Italian Furniture?

Posted on November 6,2014

If you are looking into getting Italian furniture for yourself, then you have made the right choice to read this post! The fact that you have made such a great decision to invest your money in Italian furniture itself shows that you appreciate the art of beautiful furniture and that you are willing to pay the extra dollar for masterpieces that hold a large importance in furniture history and the best in design artistry.

The amazing durability of Italian furniture is a great selling point to motivate you to buy them, when compared to the other makes of furniture which come cheaper. It takes a little bit more time for you to understand about Italian furniture before making your purchase, so this article is out to help you to do that.

Italian furniture itself has many subtypes

Remember that Italian furniture is not a single term but an umbrella term for many genres under it. The next big decision you have to make is to think about the theme of your house and what kind of Italian furniture you would prefer exactly to fit into that theme. Different furniture get across different genres, so you have to make a choice based on how your personal space looks like and how your personal taste is like as well. With the great range of Italian furniture nowadays, which has gone from a traditional style to recent contemporary styles, you indeed will have a lot to pick from.

The exclusiveness of bespoke Italian furniture

Italian furniture is indeed an excellent piece of art. They are made up with really good quality materials which guarantee their long lifespan and durability. But the workmanship and the quality involved does not usually allow Italian furniture manufacturers to mass produce their furniture. More often than not, the furniture itself is hand-made. Each set also comes in limited numbers and thus the price has to be higher for this type of furniture, according to the relative supply it holds.


Think about your budget

What you can do is to make a mental comparison and see if the price that you are buying it for, holds true value in relation to its age. Remember that although you have to consider the possible age factor in terms of durability, you also have to think of it as a vintage factor, whereas for some furniture, the longer they are around, the more expensive they can get. Think over all this, and then compare and contrast to other furniture makes which are not Italian furniture, and see if you really are interested in maintaining the art rather than settling for less in terms of price for something else.

Thinking about maintenance

Maintenance is the best way to secure the durability of your furniture in the long run, and it is an important factor for you to think about before making your purchase of a set of Italian furniture. Being careless and inventing your own ways to clean up certain materials of the Italian furniture like the Italian leather can accumulate to long term damage if you are not careful. Therefore, being careful and being well read about the proper way of maintaining Italian furniture would really help to upkeep the durability and lifespan of your furniture set.

Italian furniture has very specific needs to work on with. For example, for Italian leather, the key is to not allow too much of moisture to seep through the structure of the material leather. Even if there are stains, the key is to use a lightly damp cloth to quickly wipe up the stain and then let it air well. If there is just general cleaning required, then it might suffice to use a dry cloth and vacuum to clean up the Italian leather. Such materials used in the furniture from Italy all have their own way of cleaning to be done to preserve their outlook, so read up on it and stay safe when you are maintaining your Italian furniture!

Where should you buy it from?

This is another important question you need to consider. There are many professional wholesalers like Sita Chairs who are experienced in procuring your Italian furniture all the way from its homeland in a tip top condition. More than the thrill of importing in a furniture set yourself from Italy, you have to consider the risk involved in doing so, and the shipping hassles as well. Because we are an experienced Italian furniture wholesaler, we import a big quantity of furniture from Italy to be stored in our warehouse. That would also mean that we can offer you a price cheaper than you ordering one set of Italian furniture on your own!

What’s more, Sita Chairs understand that some customers have a design in mind and we can help you make the design materialise into a real product. Call us or email us today and see the difference in what we can provide in terms of Italian furniture – you won’t be disappointed!