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Top Tips On How To Store Wood Furniture

Posted on July 27,2015

Not everyone is particularly moving into a bigger house all the time, many times people choose to downsize in order to save on their yearly household expenditures. When you are moving into a smaller house, you are not able to take in everything that you have in your previous house with you. You may need to change your renovation plans to accommodate to your new place and only take in about half or three quarters of what you previously had. This is when you might need to keep some of your furniture into the storage.

When you are going to keep your furniture into storage, remember that you need to keep them safely, under trustworthy hands. Pick the right place to keep your furniture so that they are able to remain in good condition. Also, there are a few things you need to remember and do before you send your furniture for storage. This applies more to wooden furniture because of how fragile their lifespan can be if you don’t take care of them properly. In this post, you will learn some of the top tips on how to make sure your wooden furniture that is going to go into storage, comes back just as how you sent it.


Make sure to treat your wooden furniture before sending it in for storage

When your wooden furniture are going to be left idle for a long period of time, remember to consider that the wood is going to dry out eventually. When wood dries out, it is more likely to get cracks and chips off its surface. Wood becomes more breakable with time and exposure to air, so make sure you treat your wooden furniture and apply a good amount of furniture polish before you send it in for storage. Treating your wooden furniture and applying furniture polish would provide and lock in the moisture in your furniture, thus keeping them fresh and rigid during the duration of their storage.

Check out how the storage area looks and feels like

Another thing that can reduce the lifespan and the quality of your wooden furniture is the weather and general climate. Higher temperatures can cause wood to expand and crack, whereas lower temperatures can cause wood to contract and lose its rigidity and strength. Either high and low temperatures or drastic changes in temperature generally weaken the wood’s structure, making it easier for it to sustain premature damages. This is especially true for wooden furniture with a sleek structure.

Another reason why wood might be affected by weather conditions is its susceptibility to humidity. When wood is exposed to very humid conditions, bacteria thrive in wood better and other things like mould and mildew are also more likely to grow in the wood. Having these organisms around can cause your wood to decompose and rot, rendering it even weaker. The only way to prevent this is to place the wooden furniture in a temperature controlled environment as storage.

Take extra care at home

Instead of keeping your wooden furniture in a warehouse, if you choose to keep them in your own basement, attic or your living room, then try to get the temperatures in your own house under control. You can do this with appropriate heating devices, cooling devices and most importantly, a thermostat. All of these items only cost just a few hundred dollars. When you compare the benefits of these items functioning well to keep your wooden furniture in good shape, in terms of their individual cost, you would realize that paying for these items is cheaper than getting your mouldy wooden furniture replaced.

Dismantle everything yourself

If your wooden furniture can be dismantled into several parts, like those you can get from a mega furniture store, then it would be better if you take the furniture out into its individual parts before you start to pack them in. When you dismantle furniture and then pack them in, you are saving a lot of space in your storage area because small pieces of wood are more easily fitted into a small space rather than a large chunk of wood. This would not just apply for wooden furniture, but basically anything when you are packing. When you have other things to pack in as well, just make sure it can be dismantled and go ahead and apply the same principles.

Ensure that you have enough space

Most outdoor storage areas nowadays have started charging a bomb for their services. So make sure that you are given enough space according to the number of items you have and the size of the furniture you are sending in for storage. This would help you plan your space properly so that you can arrange your furniture nicely during storage. You have to take extra responsibility when doing this because once your items have gone into storage you would not be able to change certain arrangements as it may cause some inconvenience.

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