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Understanding The Lure And Attraction of Luxury Italian Chairs

Posted on January 9,2015

What is it that makes Italian design so easy to spot? Why are people prepared to spend serious money on the great many great Italian products that the “Bel Paese” continues to turn out? The answer is in the meticulous attention to detail that Italian manufacturers apply to all of their products from grana parmeggiano cheese, so essential as an accompaniment to your favorite pasta dishes to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and the regenerated Maserati sports cars that makes Italian design and production of the top of the range products that discerning consumers are looking for. The same rules that have made these products top of their range apply to Italian luxury chair production.


Researching the markets

Leading Italian luxury chair manufacturers have always kept a close eye on the export market and make sure that they are fully aware of the opportunities and openings available for their products. The Italian domestic market has been flat or in recession for a number of years and Italian luxury chair manufacturers have had to look to the export markets to ensure that they can continue to sell their products and keep their businesses healthy, growing and profitable.

Having identified the best markets, the next very important task is to find distributors and resellers who will be able to supply the luxury Italian chairs to the target market. The resellers’ sales representatives will need to be trained to be able to explain the features of the products and the key features of their superior design to ensure that these top quality products are the most popular and customer demand remains high.

Partnership is the key ingredient in offering excellent products

Manufacturers forge strong bonds with their top resellers and the Italian approach of creating a practical partnership with their sales channels is considered essential to gain trust and understanding. The benefits to all parties are clear to be seen, the manufacturer produces the luxury furniture that the consumers want, the resellers fully understand the skill and craftsmanship that has gone into the production and can explain this to prospective buyers. Buyers can purchase their Italian luxury chairs from local resellers who they can visit, examine the chairs in the showroom and ensure that the chairs are exactly what they want before they have to make a decision to buy.

Where do the best luxury Italian chairs come from?

Not far from Milan and Monza is the modest town of Lissone, hardly a well-known town, Lissone was one of the hotbeds of the industrial centers that drove forward the “Italian economic miracle” in the 1950s and 60s. Lissone’s industries expanded at that time to encompass electronic, mechanic and chemical plants but the core to the heart of its industrial output was, and still is the production of furniture. In Italy it is still known as the home of the Italian furniture industry.

Italian industry still resembles a structure that those living in the mediaeval ages would have found familiar. Each district specializes in its own sector of manufacturing; Como is famous for the production of silk products, Modena for ceramic tiles and Lissone for furniture. Lissone has maintained its international advantage over competitors in the luxury chair sector as a culture of specialized wood craftsmanship schools and colleges are closely meshed with the small or medium sized manufacturing companies to ensure that only the top quality products are produced today and then sent to the export markets.

Steeped in this tradition the fruits of the vocational skills of the Italian furniture artisans and the growth in the market of professional Italian figures such as Poltrona Frau and Scavollini, who are as familiar as Giorgio Armani or Dolce & Gabbana in the clothes fashion industry are considered the authorities and market fashion leaders in the Italian furniture production industry continuing to turn out first class furniture products.

Why is Italian furniture design so compelling?

There are many factors that continue to contribute to the success of Italian furniture in the export markets. These include the key traditional craftsmanship skills and the uncompromising use of the finest materials, from soft leather to strong and well fitted silk fabrics. Technology is embraced and used to make sure that the materials used in the Italian luxury chairs will be able to withstand the risk of stains from a dropped glass of wine or a cup of coffee and that the material is fire resistant and will not discolor if exposed to strong direct sunshine.

Drawing inspiration from distant markets

If you are buying Scandinavian furniture or chairs from German manufacturers, you can probably spot where the product comes from, when you have taken a quick look. Italian furniture and chairs “borrow” a design look from another culture and then applies Italian manufacturing techniques to ensure that a first class product is delivered. Many buyers want their Italian manufactured chairs to fit in with their other furniture. For example, getting an oriental look for a dining room or adding a classical French renaissance touch for their living room or even something more Asiatic for their bedrooms. The Italian manufacturers practically and uniquely can step up and deliver all the designs their customers will need!