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Utilizing Your Upholstered Dining Room Chairs In The Right Way

Posted on January 9,2015

It may seem the simplest of things to decide on the design and color of your upholstered dining room chairs, but many bad mistakes have been made with the chairs and their upholstery that cause many visitors to the home to laugh quietly and point out a severe lack of culture and taste.

Whatever you may have in mind take time to discuss your plans with an interior design professional to understand their opinion about whether your design ideas will look good and blend in well with your dining room furniture fittings, the room size and shape and also how much natural light the room has or artificial light you will need to use.


Dark for space light for smaller rooms

This is a very smart mantra to adopt as it really works. Darker more full bodied colors either in the color of your walls or the furniture you have in your rooms tend to shrink the apparent space. In larger dining rooms this can work well as the room appears well furnished and not empty or Spartan, but in smaller rooms the effect can be claustrophobic or even overpowering. While darker colors give the impression of warmth if you enhance the effect with polished dark stained floors or parquet and rugs in deep rich colors that make the dining room warm and welcoming, you could risk the danger of making the room seem over cluttered and old fashioned.

Look out of the dining room window

When you are choosing your dining room fittings including your upholstered chairs, you need to take into account the amount of natural light your dining room offers. South facing or west facing dining rooms can take great benefit from natural light and there is nothing better than this. A view over the sea front or beach or an attractive garden or balcony should be highlighted by minimalizing the design and colors in you dining furniture including the upholstered chairs so as to draw the attention of the diner to the panorama offered from the window.

If you have a dining room with glass ceilings, you should take care to make sure that you afford sufficient shade to make sure the diners are not made uncomfortable by too much direct sunlight or excessive heat. In addition darker colors in your upholstered dining room chairs will always be at risk from the fading damage that direct sunlight can cause, so make sure that you go for lighter colors or provide adequate shade, should you prefer to use darker material.

Light white and breezy

As we are frequently advised, healthy eating and lighter meals are good for our health and our diet. This trend should be reflected in your choice of dining room furniture. Top Italian dining room designers recommend cut glass dining room table tops placed on sculpted marble table stands, normally two well-balanced pillars to provide you with a minimalist attractive effect. The side furnishings should be lightly paint washed so that any ornaments, sculptures photos or personal effects can be easily seen and appreciated.

Your dining room chairs in this environment should be made of lightly painted pastel shaded colors with comfortable padded cushions made of hard wearing but flexible padded embroidered material. It is important to make sure that the dining room chair covers are removable and can be easily cleaned, either by rubbing down with a soft cloth or being able to be washed in your washing machine without the risk that they will no longer be stain resistant or lose their shape.

Keep your base colors neutral for special occasions

You may be hoping to be able to open your house for special occasion; a birthday party, Christmas dinner, a graduation party or a number of other special occasions. Dining room chairs are essential accessories for any occasion and you should chose those that can be used in any part of your house or garden to increase your seating capacity, however you need to take great care when choosing your upholstered dining room chairs as there are many potential problems that could cause them damage that may cause you expensive repair bills or even running the risk that they are damaged beyond economic repair.

Keeping the base colors neutral mean that you can decorate the chairs with ribbons and decorations of your choice, for example deep reds and purples for Christmas and New Year, White or pastel shades for weddings or christenings, or pink or blue for a birthday for a son or daughter or a graduation party. Pale shades of your upholstery lend the colors perfectly to the additional decoration that you may decide to use.

Watch the weather

If you are planning to use your upholstered dining room chairs outdoors, keep an eye on the sky and the weather channels. A cloudburst or thunderstorm could severely damage your dining room chairs as they are not usually conditioned to deal with water damage. Soaked wood will expand and distort and your dining room chairs, the upholstery could be ruined if soaked by a sudden downpour. It is a good idea to have some plastic covers close at hand so you can protect your chairs, should a storm break out unexpectedly.