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What Are The Different Dining Chair Styles You Can Choose From?

Posted on December 6,2014

Dining chairs always add function and aesthetics to a room. You can get a matching set with all having the same design to make the room look more symmetrical. You can also try to mix pieces up to bring out an eclectic look to the room. If you wonder which one would perfectly be placed in your dining areas, it would be good to know the different styles that are available to choose from.

The arm chair


This is usually that dining chair that stays at the head of the dining table. Arm chairs are created to give the dining room a more formal atmosphere. These chairs can be a design unique to all chairs surrounding the dining table but of course, you can still look for those that match all others. You can purchase arm chairs in different materials ranging from metal, plastic to wood with some of them fully-upholstered.

Side chairs

Side chairs, as the name implies, are the chairs that commonly seat at the sides of a dining table. Some side chairs may also take up the position of an arm chair, meaning, they can also be found at the dining table’s head. Most side chairs are not fully-upholstered but still you can see some variations that have upholstered seats on them.

Parsons dining chairs

Parsons dining chairs come with simple designs that offer clean lines too. Their simplicity makes them easy to blend with other furniture pieces in the dining room as well as allows them to complement the d├ęcor styles that you have in the area. Commonly, parsons are upholstered using different types of fabrics like leather and linen. Some of the designs you will see are horizontal lines, symmetrical patterns as well as tufted seats.

Upholstered seats

Upholstered dining seats offer comfort to the part of the user. Choosing this can be quite a task considering that there are different fabrics used to upholster dining chairs. These chairs, however, can extremely work to your favour in that they can bring in a glamorous vibe into the room whilst also maintaining the traditional look you may have always wanted.

Non-upholstered versions

In contrast with upholstered seats, non-upholstered chairs are those that provide a clean-lined appearance to the dining chair. These seats are basically made out of an all-metal or all-wood setup. You can easily design these seats if you want with the availability of dining chair slipcovers like the ones you see in parson dining chairs.

Traditional dining chairs

There are also traditional dining chairs styled to have elaborate slats on them. Slats are those vertical central elements that you see on the chair’s back. With this dining chair style, you will also be able to notice ornate carved details as well as curved legs. Examples of such traditional chairs are Queen Anne, regency and Chippendale chairs. You can opt to have these chairs tufted as well as upholstered.

Modern dining chairs

The exact opposite of traditional dining chairs, modern dining seats are those that come with bent wood and are moulded with metal and plastic. Their appeal is seen in their organic and streamlined look. These chairs have elements in them that can easily be customised depending on the theme of the room or the home.

Mission dining chairs

Otherwise known as shaker dining chairs, these ones look sleek and clean that make them elegantly beautiful even with no extra details commonly seen in them. These ones are usually carved from wood with emphasis on solid horizontal and vertical lines that are crafted on each seat. You can also order mission dining chairs with curved panels.

Ladderback dining chairs

If there is one standout feature to look out for in ladderback dining chairs, that would be how horizontal wooden slats have been emphasised and spaced on its back. This can be a traditional design in dining chairs but despite that, they are said to perfectly fit into your decors and furniture pieces. They are ultimately flexible that they can suit transitional and country-inspired dining rooms.

Windsor dining chairs

Windsor dining chairs draw inspiration from English style chairs. They have a spindle back and a pair of legs to equally match the total traditional look. They can be perfect for a country or casual vibe in the dining room. A distinct feature in this type of dining chair style is its hooped or bowed appearance.

There is indeed a lot of dining chair styles to choose from, each with characteristics that makes them stand out amongst all your furniture pieces in the dining area. Their distinct attributes can be your bases to choose the one that will suit your space best. If you seem confused as to the most appropriate style to opt for your dining area though, we recommend you take a look at our products. We can assure you that you will see a dining chair that will work to your dining room’s advantage!