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What Choices Do You Have For Luxury Italian Furniture?

Posted on December 6,2014


When you hear the phrase ‘Italian furniture’, you would always presume luxury as an important component in manufacturing every piece. True enough, Italian furniture lives up to that expectation. Way beyond that, however, they have more to offer adding comfort and classy ambience to the list. To prove their real worth for the word luxury, perhaps, it would be best to know what choices you have when it comes to luxury Italian furniture.

Traditional Italian furniture

Traditional Italian furniture pieces date back to the 13th century when architects would often suggest to their clients to get special furniture pieces that will suit the house’s design very well. Back then, luxury Italian chairs and all other pieces of furniture became a work of art fusing in some mosaics and metals to each piece. The following centuries paved the way to more design choices. Wood and leather then became popular in the world of Italian furniture. With a higher demand for more functional pieces offering comfort to consumers, grand sofa sets were also introduced. Various design patterns were also seen in luxury Italian chairs of those times.

Baroque Italian furniture

These pieces of Italian furniture were inspired by its predecessor. The concept brought in some heavy mouldings to bulk of the designs whilst carvings drew inspiration from the existence of the Roman Catholic Church. This is why Baroque Italian furniture is commonly seen to have the “C” carvings on them. Contrasting colours, homogenous designs and symmetry were very common to these types of Italian furniture.

Renaissance Italian furniture

From Baroque, there came another inspiration in the world of luxury Italian furniture. This one is the Renaissance style whose designs reflect what was common to Roman sarcophagi. Luxury Italian chairs of this style were made out of walnut wood and leather. You will also see Renaissance-inspired pieces like folding chairs, drawers, chests and cabinets. Panels were used to replace the conventional legs seen on Italian chairs.

Rococo Italian furniture

This one, on the other hand, made use of the baroque style but fused in some other elements that the said style missed out on. More rosewoods, fruitwoods and other dark-coloured woods are seen in Italian furniture pieces with the Rococo touch. Designs were more detailed and carvings were more intricate than usual. You would also see pieces with smaller and curved ornamental units in them.

Venetian Italian furniture

Venetian-inspired pieces were introduced in the 19th century, a period when the country was divided into several states. This holds the more contemporary designs there are when it comes to Italian furniture. The name was actually derived from the place where it all originated, that is, Venice. The pieces may be simple but they have been given a different touch with the presence of ornamentation in them. Aside from using walnut wood that has been popular in Renaissance-inspired Italian furniture, grand olive was also a popular choice of material for Venetian-inspired pieces. Once each piece of furniture has been built, they are painted in black with the handles commonly accentuated by either pearl or silver colours. They come in warmer and softer designs with a fusion of satin, steel, nickel and leather into the furniture.

Exploring your luxury Italian chair choices

If you are looking for perfect luxury Italian chairs, then you also have some choices to consider. For your living room, you can have sectional sofas that are crafted to appeal not just to the upper class in society but the masses as well. Leather and fabric are the latest fusions injected into these sofas. Each piece is crafted to your comfort with some pieces having built-in side tables coming with them.

A modification of the sectional sofa is the sofa bed which is perfect for smaller living rooms. Italian furniture chairs of this type have that traditional look in them. They are perfect for those of you who frequently expect house guests to come in and sleep over night. They come in different colours that go perfect with either the wood or metal frame finish.

Elegant living room chairs are also part of your choices for Italian furniture. These are gifted with varieties of styles, patterns and colours that can undeniably complement the rest of the other furniture pieces you have in the room. Each fabric comes with a smooth finish making the furniture a perfect pair to ottomans. Ottomans are gifted with fabulous designs injected with bold patterns thus allowing them to bring in a gorgeous appeal to the room.

With the many design choices inspired by different eras of the past, luxury Italian furniture continue to be popular not only for homeowners but for business owners as well. If you are looking for a perfect piece of furniture to mix and match with your other pieces of furniture, opting for the Italian style is a good choice. You can browse through our website for design ideas on luxury Italian chairs and other Italian-inspired furniture pieces.