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What You Need To Know About Occasional Furniture

Posted on November 6,2014

What is occasional furniture? Occasional furniture is the small chairs and tables that we use in our living rooms when we need more furniture to entertain more people. They are used to place food, snacks, and drinks and also as a leg rest for people. Such furniture which is used in times of need have to serve their purpose well and be useful and flexible with various needs. They should be rather light so that they can be transported out of the rooms and storage, and be set up quickly in the living room and the use of the lighter materials will be appropriate. Although they are occasional, it should not be that they are optional. They are indeed not and this occasional furniture is what adds the extra value and class to your home.

Know the technical facts

Before you get yourself a set of occasional furniture, it is important to know the dimensions of your house first. This is so that you get a good estimate on how many pieces of occasional furniture you should get and each of what size. Get online to learn more about scaling so that you are accurate with your drawings. For a start, remember that on paper, a quarter inch is the same as 1 foot, and so 2 centimeters would make 1 meter on paper.

Consider the current arrangement of your house and living space

You are including occasional furniture into your living space almost only when you need the extra help and need to boost up the outlook of your housing unit. As such, you need to know where you can place these pieces of furniture in an unit where you live, without having to disrupt much of the flow that is going on in your living space.

For example, think about where are the power plugs, electrical wires running, television, kitchen, windows and switches. All of these play a part in deciding where your add on furniture should go in times of need as they should not be hindering you from having your routine of your life yet should aid your guests who are using the furniture, to be able to access to as much in your house that you can, without having to face inconveniences.


Use a focal point

One smart tip to use to arrange your occasional furniture is to use a focal point in the room. Use a single point in the room, which can be a blind point or a flower vase on top of a shelf, and then allow all your furniture to point to that point. This gives a closed circuit for your add on furniture, and also helps you to blend in your occasional furniture to your usual sofa sets and furniture. This way they do not stick out like a sore thumb and it looks like you have had them all the time, not just when you have people over.

Use creativity

You can create a most cozy atmosphere by creating pockets of spaces where couples or close friends can have their private talk when you have guests over at your place. Laying out couple seats or bean bag chairs near each other in a few corners would give guests the option to take their own time off and just mingle with a single friend. This option of privacy is much valued by many people as in a party not everyone does someone want to stay in a large group of crowd.

Create a comfortable environment

Make sure that your eventual goal is comfort, on top of having ease and making your living space a tad bit nicer. Keep the furniture to aid people’s actions when you have visitors over. For example, keep the coffee table near the sofas and get the furniture away from the walls if it will be better to have a walkway to the other end of the sofa or table.

Remember that adding occasional furniture is to add comfort for you and your guests eventually so do not be afraid to get sets and arrange them for their actual purpose all the time. Even if it would look less nice to be arranged as such, it would be worth it as it would be the case for your guests to have a comfortable space to socialize in, rather than something that would annoy them by being less user-friendly.

Most of all, you have to be comfortable with your arrangements! Feel free to change the outlook as and when you like, according to your needs and your guests needs as the furniture is to aid everyone’s life and comfort at the end of the day. Do not worry about having the look of your living space changed once in a while as it is an advantage more than anything else.

Before you settle with any type of arrangements, you will need a range of chairs to choose from. Browse through what we have at Sita Chairs and you may find the one you need!