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What’s The Best Type Of Chair For Tall People?

Posted on March 28,2015


Be it in the automobile industry or anywhere else, whenever people are manufacturing and designing seating and other comfort furnishing for people, they only tend to cater to the average sized people. This applies to those manufacturing items such as shoes and clothing as well.

Mostly, only those of the average height or weight are used as the main consideration because only then will the products will have a larger market to be sold in. This is good for the manufacturers but it is not a good thing for people who lie in the extremes of being taller or shorter than average. In this article, let us focus on people who are taller than average. People who make chairs and especially office chairs for others do not think of people who might need a different structure to their chairs because of their heights.

This can be a big problem for people whose heights are on the taller side but this does not mean that this problem has no solution to it. There are means and ways to go about this problem and in this article, we are going to find out which types of chairs are the best for taller people.

Why do office chairs pose problems for those who are taller and bigger?

When you are sitting in an office with every one of different heights using the same size of office chair, you might note that those who are taller might appear to be slightly more uncomfortable than others. They tend to be sitting down in a more awkward fashion which does not seem like they are resting their legs and back well.

This is because, for those people who are taller, they tend to have longer legs and a longer back so chairs which do not adjust to their body shape can indeed be a trouble to have around. Sitting right into the seat with their back tucked in all the way behind onto the seat even can leave their legs sticking out further than the rest and this might be really uncomfortable to have especially if the space under their table cannot accommodate to the length of their legs. They would soon need to adjust and sit in a position which is artificial and not too comfortable.

Moreover, people who are taller can sometimes also be heavier and bigger built. When such people want to lean behind and rest their back because of the weight that is pressing down on their lower back while they are sitting down, they might face a problem if the chair isn’t suited for their height and weight. Normal office chairs come with a strict back which would not adjust to their body weight and recline back when they want to lean back. They are able to push the back of the chair to recline back according to their needs but the chairs tend to be inflexible such that they bounce right back when they let go.

Features you need to look out if you are looking for an office chair for someone tall and big

Firstly, you need to make sure that the office chair is able to accommodate to their long legs. For this you need to have a seat slide adjuster on the office chair. This way you can adjust the seating length of your office chair which would allow you to decide the exact depth where your back would be resting. You can adjust this according to the length of your legs and you can this way prevent your legs from hanging or sticking out like it would normally with a normal office chair.

Next you need to look for a chair that is tension adjustment on its back structure for you to tilt and flex it. This would help people on the heavier and taller side to increase the tension of the spring on the back of the back of the chair. This way, when they lean behind and rest their lower back by pressing on the back rest of the chair, they would not feel like the back of the chair is inflexible and is going to bounce back on them when they let go. Instead it would embrace their tilt while leaning back and this would support them comfortably.

Other features you can look out for are having adjustable arms. Because when someone is taller and when you are able to adjust the seat’s depth, you might also need to ensure that their arm placement is adjusted for as well. When your office chairs only have fixed arms, they are almost never in the right place for you to feel comfort. Having fixed arms would mean that your shoulders are going to be at a weird angle compared to your body. More than often, the only thing that would result from this is unwanted shoulder and back pain along with neck aches!